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Thrust Bearing on a Bandsaw [closed]

Setting up a wood cutting bandsaw, there are thrust bearings which are set at 90 degrees to what I would expect. The blade is supposed to run on the diameter (face) rather than the circumference. This ...
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Cut 30” circle from 3/16” steel plate using portable bandsaw

I have a 31” x 31” x 3/16” mild steel plate. I want to cut a 30” circle from the the plate. Purpose: The plate/disc will be the base of a custom charcoal barbecue/raised fire pit. I’ve seen various ...
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Bandsaw tyre jumps off

I have a small 250W table-top bandsaw. I was doing quite a long cut the other day, and after a a while there was a sudden noise, and the tyre on the upper pulley jumped off. I put it back on again, ...
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Trying to identify bandsaw [closed]

I recently came into possession of this bandsaw. The brand is Builders and model, serial number, and manufacture year on shown in the images (click to enlarge). I can't find anything online regarding ...
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Bandsaw Blade Too Short

I can't fit my blade on my bandsaw (Laguna 18BX). I have lowered the top wheel through releasing tension both through bottoming out the blade guide adjustment hand wheel and the quick-release blade ...
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Should the smooth side or the rough side of a urethane bandsaw tire go against the wheel?

I am replacing bandsaw tires. I bought urethane replacement tires. There is a smooth side and a rough side. The manufacturers directions are clear on every step except for this point. The old tires ...
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Bandsaw cutting at weird angle

My bandsaw follow and cut a straight line, but vertically, it almost immediately shifts the bottom part to the left and cuts a weird angle where the cut i'm making on like a 10" tall block of foam ...
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What is the name for a lateral band saw guide: one that guides wood forward at a set distance from the blade

What is the name for a lateral band saw guide: one that guides wood forward at a set distance from the blade ? I want to cut strips from a long flat strip of wood (ripping rather than a cross-cut)
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What are the must-have features for a Hackspace/Makerspace horizontal metal bandsaw?

I asked a similar question here where I got some useful advice for selecting bandsaws in general. From the advice received I was able to select a few potentially interesting vertical woodcutting ...
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What are the must-have features for a Hackspace/Makerspace bandsaw?

I've been tasked with looking into Band Saw models which could be useful for in a Hackspace/Makerspace. This means the saw will be used fairly frequently, by many people, for a wide variety of tasks. ...
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How can I protect my fingers while using a band saw?

I intend on using a band saw to cut out large meeples (the wooden pieces from the board game Carcassonne) from a 2x4 board. I'm worried about cutting my fingers. What tool can I use to help keep ...
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How can I cut aluminum angle stock without damaging my tools?

How can I cut aluminum angle stock without damaging my tools? I've done some looking around the interwebs and have not found anything definitive - basically there are warnings about cutting it with ...
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How do I tune a Bandsaw so the blade doesn't drift?

I just bought a 9-inch Delta bandsaw and I know there are some things you have to do to get it tuned right so the blade doesn't drift etc., but I have no idea what those are. What are some tips I ...
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Are there any major differences between a smaller table band saw and a larger stand up band saw?

I'm considering buying a small table sized 9" band saw because it's much cheaper than buying a full sized stand up band saw. Are there any major differences in terms of what kind of materials I can ...
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Would running a band saw or cnc machine in my basement be safe?

I'd like to get a band saw and drill press but I don't have room in my garage so I'd like to put it in my basement. The problem is I don't have any ventilation to remove sawdust so would having it in ...
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Troubleshooting bandsaw cutting at an angle (through aluminum)

I occasionally use (or abuse) a small tabletop band saw to rough cut aluminum plate. I generally having a lot of success and have been able to cut half inch thick plate without any problem using 6 to ...
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