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is this hole in balcony useful?

Before I fill this hole with foam, is it actually here on purpose? There are three of them on my balcony at different points where the wall meets the floor, and I can't think of a reason they would be ...
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What’s causing this damp patch

I have this damp patch on the bottom corner of my wall next to the non sliding part of a sliding door. It leads to the balcony of my apartment and no water gets to this corner from the outside. The ...
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How to best fix a crack in concrete balcony corner?

So I was recently pondering a problem with a crack in a corner of a balcony made of concrete as shown below in the picture. I am not a builder (rather an amateur handyman) but would like to educate ...
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2nd floor balcony Help

Recently open a couple of wood board on my 2nd floor balcony and found the pictures below. Not sure how to go about making this good again. A bit concern around the water ...
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Advice on replacing loud and dangerous metal pieces on balcony

I need some advice on how to remove these metal pieces and what I should replace them with. The problem with the metal is it's very loud when I step on it and are so thick they're a tripping hazard. ...
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How to make my privacy balcony glass more transparent? [closed]

I rent a flat which has a beautiful balcony with a great view, but unfortunately the balcony glass has a privacy/frosted layer and I can’t enjoy the view. It might sound weird as usually it’s the ...
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How Can I Secure Outdoor Lightstrip on Balcony Railing Without Screws?

I'm in a bit of a dilemma and could use some creative suggestions. I recently got an outdoor Hue lightstrip, and I want to install it on my balcony railing. The issue is that the railing is an upside-...
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How to fill this hole between balcony deck and brick wall?

What materials do I need to fill this hole on my 2nd floor balcony? It's deeper than it looks. There's nothing for bondo or caulk to adhere to do not sure how to create a backing.
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How should stucco/waterproofing be addressed around balcony sides at building corners?

I'm waterproofing my new ADU build and I'm stumped at the stucco/balcony transition on the outer edges, which happens to be the corners of the building. The siding will be 3 coat stucco over 0.4" ...
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Fix exterior textured wall(?) and hang a patio umbrella holder there

Disclaimer, I don't know much in home improvement and I'm a bit at loss here. I want to hook 2 patio umbrella holders (pic1) on my balcony. I thought the outside of the wall was a drywall because when ...
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What is the best way to reseal a balcony flooring that has started to peel?

I have a balcony over living space on the 2nd floor of my home. Although the balcony is covered, the area near the opening is exposed to rain resulting in some peeling away of the coating and the ...
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