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Backflow prevention fixture on my sprinkler system has started leaking -- is teflon tape the appropriate fix?

The backflow valve on my irrigation system has developed a minor leak at the threads I am pointing to. It's outside and not super fast, so not super urgent, but I would like to get it fixed eventually....
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Reinstalling backflow preventer. Do I need glue or grease or anything else

I am going to reattach my backflow preventer today (save 125 vs calling company). Do I need to apply any plumber grease or pipe glue to the pvc portion? Here are some pics of the preventer and place ...
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One of multiple zones calls for heat, but all return lines get hot

We just installed new gas combi boiler (Lochinvar NKC199N), it is working but there is one issue that I don't quite understand. We have 4 zones (4 different circulation pumps, 4 thermostats), when ...
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vacuum breaker on hose bib (spigot)

We have a backflow preventor on the water spigot in the garage. A water hose is attached that has a sprayer on the end. Every time we turn the water off from the hose and even with the sprayer left ...
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Irrigation system: Backflow Preventer -> Master Valve vs Master Valve -> Backflow Preventer

I am in the process of designing my irrigation system, and I saw many people install the backflow preventer (reduced pressure zone device) first and then connect to an automatic master valve. However,...
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access to backflow preventer assembly

My backflow preventer assembly access is in my basement and its right below the proposed vanity space in our proposed basement bathroom.(we have planned a 48 inch vanity , but if i cut down to a 36 ...
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Is my vacuum breaker working properly?

I am in a newly rented house around 1 week and I don't know a thing about plumbing (not yet and I love projects for DIY). So my question is regarding this: I find this attached to the outdoor pipe ...
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How to properly install irrigation system/garden faucet

I want to install an above ground irrigation system for our flowers (large flower farm). The part I am having trouble with is how to properly connect to the main water supply without having backflow. ...
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How to replace this old backflow preventer with new one

I want to replace this old broken Pressure Vacuum Breaker Valve with new one. Problem is that all the new ones at HomeDepot and Lowes have outflow on the left side. Can someone show me with a sketch ...
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