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What's the difference between SFA99 and RIBA Agreements 2010 in the UK?

I am starting the process of having an extension on my house, and getting close to signing an agreement with an architect to have drawings done. The architect would like to use SFA99 as the contract ...
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What is this symbol that looks like a double T on an HVAC ductwork diagram?

What is this symbol that looks like a double T on an HVAC ductwork diagram? I've circled the symbol in yellow. Does the bent L represent some sort of valve? If it goes through the wall like that, ...
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Gutters in front of corner pilasters, how to put gutters on a Georgian house?

I am looking at buying a Georgian style colonial and the house has very handsome corner pilasters, however, over each one is a gutter downspout, so it kind of spoils the effect of the pilasters. I ...
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Large 16'×24' "He-Shed" Foundation Needs Fixing

I have a one year old 16×24 shed, 2×8×16 treated floor joists, 2×6 trusses, 2×4 stud walls, box soffits with vents, barn side panels, trim boards, shingled roof, gutters and downspouts, insulation, 3/...
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What Type of Roof is This?

I'm trying to figure out what the name is for the roof structure my home has - it's a single level late 70s ranch, side-gabled, but the roof is broken up into multiple segments. Is there a name for a ...
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Inset shelf construction for a network rack

I want to construct a hole in the wall type shelf. On the other side of the wall is an attic space for the side of the house, it has plenty of room to do what I need. I will be making the frame, ...
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Software to capture current home structure and content?

Twenty+ years ago while planning a home renovation, a designer provided software that allowed me to take interior and exterior photos, import them, dimension them, then assign/map them to walls/floors/...
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