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Nest C-wire issues with old boiler, xfmr, and 8124 aquastat

I have my C & Rc connected to my old 28vac xfmr and my W & Rh directly to T & T on aquastat. I added the Rc so the Nest would stay active in Summer when boiler is turned off. This setup ...
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Rated ampacity of water heater thermostat

What is the rated ampacity of "standard" water heater thermostats? The kind you see all over the place from a million different vendors. I cannot seem to find an electrical data sheet on any ...
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Honeywell L6006C Aquasta wiring to a Taco 006-BC4 Hot water Circulator Pump

I have a Taco 006-BC4 hot water circulator pump installed on a mechanical timer and its been working fine. However, I would like to install a Honeywell L6006C Aquastat to drive the pump so I could ...
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How to seal an aquastat sensor well?

My heating system has a tankless boiler which feeds an external tank. The tank temperature is measured using a probe inserted into a standard aquastat well. The probe is considerably smaller than the ...
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