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I cannot find the anode rod in a water tank. Pressure release value is on top

I didn't replace the anode rod over 10 years. Tried to find to anode rod bolt but cannot reach to it from the top. I used drill and removed insulation foam 10 inches deep, but is not touching anything ...
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Replace Anode on 10 year-old gas-fired hot water heater? Or leave well enough alone? [closed]

Our gas-fired 60 gallon Rheem performance water heaters is just about 10 years old. I've never replaced the anode because I'm an idiot and didn't realize that needed doing until recently. Should I ...
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How to access the primary anode rod for Kemore Power Miser 12?

I am attempting to check the status of the anode rod(s) of a Kenmore Power model 153.320892HT. Based on the owners manual, there are 2 anode rods, a primary which is accessible via the top of the ...
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Best way to de-scale my home (gas) water heater?

I recently did the recommended yearly draining of our home (gas) water heater. I opened the pressure relief valve to bleed air into the tank so that it could drain. After putting everything back, I ...
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Where can one find the aluminum anode rod that replaces a magnesium anode rod?

I purchased a Rheem Performance 40 Gal water heater (Model XE40M06ST45U1). I've removed the anode rod in the water heater and discovered there's substantial corrosion. The anode rod that came with the ...
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Does my water heater's sacrificial anode appear to need replacing?

The anode in the my water heater is around 4 years old. I took it out for the first time. I am not sure why does it look like having a black coating instead of a metallic color. Does it looks like ...
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Part number for Rheem water heater anode

Rheem 50 gallon electric heater, XE50M09EL55U1. How do I find the replacement anode rod part number for this heater? Couldn't find it in the paper docs I have, or through a google search on the part ...
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how to remove an anode nut with an awkward access

I am trying to replace the anode in my water heater. I have drained the tank. I have removed the insulation between the anode and the outer jacket of the heater. I have the 1-1/16" wrench for the ...
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Anode rod location

I have an old (installed ‘06) Kenmore Power Miser 12 and I cannot figure out where the anode rod is located so that I can replace it. Is it under the cap?
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Replaced the anode rod on my water heater!

We bought the house in 2019 and thought it would be a good time to replace the anode rod. Given that it was my first time doing this, I was somewhat surprised to find the rod had completely corroded. ...
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How long for the hot water to stop smelling with anode rod change?

I changed the anode rod in my hot water heater, the change went smoothly (thankfully), but now I'm curious how long does it typically take for the water to stop smelling? Do I have to drain the entire ...
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Anode for buried galvanized steel tube

I recently installed an trampoline in my garden. The inclination made it necessary to bury parts of the trampolines feet in the earth. Since matching replacement feet are hard to source I am ...
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What size anode do I need for this tank

I have an old pressurized hot water cylinder and I am trying to change the sacrificial anode however the local plumbing stores seem to only have anodes for models they currently sell and also I'm ...
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Water heater sacrificial anode metal selection

A residential 17 year old electric water heater is working well in Florida. Maintenance is overdue. I plan to inspect / replace: sacrificial anode (expected to replace) heating element (expected ...
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In a pex household, would it reduce corosion to bond metal plumbing fixtures to my water heater's anode?

A water heater's sacrificial anode needs to be electrically bonded to the tank to function. This is accomplished via continuity through the threads by which it is secured. Knowing this, am I '...
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How are sacrificial anodes electrically bonded to the water heater?

I was thinking about the sacrificial anode in my hot water heater. It screws in via a hole on the top of the unit. Every time I've made a threaded plumbing connection, I wrap Teflon around the ...
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