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Keeping a Threaded Pipe at 90 degrees

I recently demo'd a bathroom that was using a "rustic farmhouse" galvanized shelving unit. I took this unit off and was hoping to re-install. Ideally, the elbows would thread in so when they are ...
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Do I need to angle/pitch pex tubing for draining in the winter?

I've never installed any plumbing before, but I'm going to try to install an outside faucet/sillcock because it seems fairly simple. The only interesting part is that the pex tubing will be run under ...
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How to make Handrail Transitions with Rotation?

We removed the old handrail that was not up to code and didn't reach the first step of the stairs as required. We have a traditional guardrail installed on one side and we are having difficulties ...
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Sink Angle Valve: Fully Open or closed Tiny Bit

I have a bathroom sink with angled faucet shutoff valves (they are around quarter turns). I closed them for repairs yesterday. After repairs, (1) should I leave the valves Fully Open, (2) or "Open ...
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