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Questions tagged [aluminum-wiring]

Aluminum wires were used for branch circuits in some older houses between the 60s and the late 70s. They are no longer used for residential branch-circuit wiring due to fire risk (old AA-1350) and economic (AA-8000) considerations, but existing wires can be maintained in a way that makes them relatively safe. AA-8000 wire and cable will be marked as such -- cable not marked as such can be assumed to be AA-1350.


reuse hot tub wiring for an EVSE?

I need to install a 240V 40A circuit into my garage. The end goal is to plug in a level 2 EVSE. (maybe it can be a 50A circuit? not sure). I have an existing 50A GFCI breaker hooked up to 6 gauge 3 ...

Neutral wire of 3 phase system

I have a three phase system with 3 wires coming from the pole. All are green color #6 and one of them has a white tape on it. My question is if this wire acts as hot and neutral wire of a Delta system?...