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Repairing Plumbing Hole Drywall Behind Cabinet

I'm a new homeowner and went to repair an existing hole in the drywall below our sink (round punched hole in the pictures) and discovered that there's a much larger square hole that was covered by a ...
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How to Airseal and Insulate Texas Homes

I am interested in what I can do to help improve the energy efficiency of older Texas homes. I am looking to purchase one in the new year but it is my understanding that in 2012 the energy efficiency ...
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What exactly am I looking for to replace worn out bottom door seals?

I've got a sunroom of sorts that we use most of the year except winter, though it does have electric baseboard. It was built in the 80s I'm guessing and it looks like the door seals on the bottom of ...
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Sealing ducts myself

I have a furnace with AC in the basement. I have poor airflow in my top floor vents (furthest from the furnace). and even the room with the cold air return doesn't change temperature very quickly. ...
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Caulk as weatherstripping?

Before I begin, yes, I know that generally caulking does not serve the same purpose as weatherstripping, and the usual recommendation for windows or doors is to use weatherstripping. The problem is I'...
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How can I plug screw holes in an insulated supply duct?

My contractor left two screw holes in one of my insulated supply duct lines (because they had added a strap to hang new ductwork on, but they changed their mind and moved it). What's the best/easiest ...
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Proper way to seal bottom plate to slab? [closed]

I noticed that the caulk has failed where the bottom plate meets our concrete slab foundation along an exterior wall. I’ve removed the old caulk and vacuumed the area. The bottom plate is sitting on a ...
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Easiest way to Airseal an attic space

House got gutted by a fire and now all of it has been demo'd down to the framing and the exterior sheathing. Location is Albuquerque. We are looking at the easiest way to air seal the attic space. ...
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How do I seal my furnace exhaust penetration?

Problem My oil burning furnace exhaust/intake manifold does not appear to be sealed properly (daylight and draft visible) from the inside and I wish to seal it. I also believe mice are getting into my ...
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Should registers have gray duct sealant

Should the internals of a register where connections are made have gray duct sealant?
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Sealing exterior vent

What is the correct way to seal an unused exterior vent without replacing siding etc? This is an old, 4'' dryer vent. My current plan would be to first caulk around the flap to close any air gaps and ...
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What's my ideal method for air sealing this window?

Background: The home I just bought had vinyl windows installed about 12 years ago. I've noticed some draftiness around the window frame, so I decided to pull back the trim and sill to check it out. It ...
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Sealing air gaps around edges of attic gable fan

I just installed a new gable fan to exhaust hot air from my attic. Due to unevenness in my studs and gravity pulling one side of the fan lower than the other, there are small gaps (ranging between 1/8&...
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Air-sealing basement slab weeping tile access for radon

I have a pretty high levels of radon in the basement (~400 Bq/m3 when windows are not open), so I want to seal obvious entry points, one of which is what looks like a 10 inch weeping tile cleanout ...
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How are attached buildings air sealed together?

I am a condo owner in a building that is structurally independent but abuts directly against another building. As a result the 2 buildings move somewhat as they settle or have changes in temperature. ...
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How can I find all the air leaks and insulation gaps in my finished attic?

I have a finished attic which gets hot very quickly, requiring running the central AC excessively and due to the imbalance, the downstairs tends to get too cold while the finished attic is still too ...
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Sealing sheathing to an ICF foundation

I am in energy Zone 4 and have a stick frame home on an EPS ICF foundation built in 2007. The rim board is currently just insulated with batting and it is a little drafty and I a little worried that ...
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How to patch hole in furnace pipes?

I recently bought a house and the heating bill has been unusually high. I discovered there is a big hole leading to the outside that the previous owner hid, but isn't sealed properly. Their patch was ...
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How to air-seal apartment breaker box and range hood duct

I live in an apartment on the top floor. It's the dream apartment for me except for the heavy cooking smell from neighbors entering the unit. I believe the main culprit is the bathroom fan without ...
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Adding house wrap behind existing board and batten siding

I live in south-central Illinois, and the house is on top of a hill, so we get a lot of wind. The house is cold in the winter - partly because it is on slab and partly because it is pretty drafty. ...
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Is it possible to seal an interior barn door to provide an acceptable level of insulation between a conditioned and an unconditioned space?

I'm finishing a storage room in my house. General layout, room is 12' x 12', door on one wall, window on opposite wall, roof peak ~12' above the axis between the door and the window. Roof slopes ...
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Should I caulk the top and bottom of my windows on the outside?

Lots of ladybugs in the house today, and I read that they're getting in through the windows, so I went to inspect. One window in particular has a large gap at the bottom. All of the windows on my ...
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