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Air exchanger drain hose replacement - PVC/pex ok? Vent ok?

My air exchanger drain hose in a recently purchased home (in Québec, Canada) has mold growth, is kinked, sags below the drain mid-way and obviously needs replacement. The PVC at the left is the excess ...
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Is this crack actually on the heat exchanger? I thought the coils were the heat exchanger. Is this crack a cause for concern? Need a new system?

I discovered this crack while checking for any signs of trouble in my furnace. I thought the coils in the photo were the heat exchange system and I don't know if that strip with the crack in it means ...
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Air exchanger "fresh air to house" wye - should I leave it open or closed?

Background Just bought a house with a passive air exchanger: no internal fans, just motorized dampers moving air with the furnace fan. We have a thermopump, electric furnace and whole house bypass ...
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Replacing a discontinued VanEE 20 min wall switch

I've got a VanEE air exchanger with some extra exhaust fans in my basement (the original owner was a heavy cigar smoker who wanted to keep the basement pristine). In the basement bathroom, I had a ...
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Why didn't more fire-heated homes have simple heat recovery systems? [closed]

Random question. This isn't something I'm going to build myself, and I've never lived in a cold climate, but I'm curious. I read about "old drafty houses" in books, and part of what makes ...
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Do Air Exchangers increase Heating Costs in Winter and Cooling Costs in Summer?

I live on the east coast of Canada, where we get cold winters, and warm summers. Humidity swings are common in all seasons. The house was built in the 1990s, is heated with electric baseboard heat, ...
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