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Why does my Sensi thermostat shut down and reboot when calling for AC?

I have a Sensi smart touch thermostat. My home runs a dual transformer system with one 24v for heat and one 24v for cooling. I do not have any C wires for my thermostats. I jumped the G and Y wires at ...
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Should I upgrade my boiler control transformer?

I have a 24V 40VA transformer for my boiler. It powers two zone valves labelled 0.9A each, and two thermostats labelled 1VA each. All of them together would draw about 45VA. I'm now adding an ...
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What’s the ampacity for 18 AWG wire, at 24 V AC

I’m wiring up some door bells for my company. Have at 120v to 24vAC 50VA transformer. The length of wire is somewhere around 200ft at it longest single length. I’m just wondering what’s the max amp ...
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What is this specific transformer configuration called?

See the top of this transformer, I think the 120V wire comes from the top. I want to get a new 24VAC transformer to support my Google nest, but I couldn’t find any transformer with this specific ...
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Find replacement HVAC transformer

I want to replace this HVAC transformer but I don't know any of the specifications or ratings for the existing one. This is hooked up to the heater in my garage/shop and the heater fails to kick on ...
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Is there a solid-state version of this relay/transformer combo?

One-line summary: Is there a solid-state version of the White Rodgers 90-113 Fan Control Center (Transformer and Relay Combination)? EDIT to answer question: The thermostat draws 0.146A (3.5VA / 24V). ...
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24v Doorbell Transformer for Smart Thermostat

I have searched for this topic and the previous answers are not conclusive to me so I will try again with my specific situation. Thank you in advance for your help! Current situation: I have a 16V ...
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Can I use a Doorbell 24v transformer as a C-Wire transformer?

Can I use my currently working 1970s doorbell 24v transformer as a C-Wire transformer? I'm installing a Honeywell Home Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat (RTH6580WF), Requires C Wire. I ordered a ...
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24 VAC Transformers in Parallel?

Our church has two HVAC units to cool and heat the sanctuary. In cooling mode, they operate like a normal AC system using two compressor units outside. In heat mode, they use hot water provided by a ...
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