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How should I connect a GFCI outlet and light switch?

I am connecting a GFCI outlet and a light circuit to a 4 wire (Black, Red, Neutral, Ground) two gang box. The switch is on the right and the duplex GFCI is on the left (near kitchen sink). How do I ...
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Replacing 2 split receptacles with 2 GFCIs

I have a similar situation to How do I install a GFCI receptacle with two hot wires and common neutral? in my kitchen. The solution looks good and I'm ready to go ahead, but with one reservation... ...
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Installing GFCI outlets in multiwire branch circuit

Background: There are four power outlets above my kitchen counter: three are located within 1.5 m of the sink, while the last one is further away. None of them are GFCI and some are damaged and in ...
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Multiple GFCI with two hot wires and shared neutral

I learned about wiring multiple GFCIs with 12-3 wire from this post: How do I install a GFCI receptacle with two hot wires and common neutral? And a I have a related question as to why this circuit (...
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How to wire GCFI's with 2 Hots and a single Neutral

I'm getting my house that was built in 1978 ready to sell. I'd tried adding GFCI's in the kitchen. I have an L shaped counter. I have 3 outlets on one wall and 2 outlets on the other. The long wall ...
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1 outlet / 2 switches: want to replace old outlet with GFCI

(Similar to How do I install a GFCI receptacle with two hot wires and common neutral? but hopefully different enough to warrant my question.) In our bathroom we have 1 outlet and two switches in the ...
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Can I take a 220 line and convert it to a regular house outlet what would be the damage?

I have a electric 220 dryer hook up in my kitchen now I want to convert it over to use for a higher grade power supply for my microwave blender and toaster without converting Any wires or touching the ...
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Adding GFCI to box with 2 hot (black and red) and 1 neutral with one wire

I moved into an older home and i am trying to add a GFCI in a kitchen outlet by the sink. Its a two gang box with a switch and one outlet, it has 3 lines coming into the box, two go to the light ...
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What is a multiwire branch circuit?

What is a multiwire branch circuit? (also known as "multiwire circuit", "multiwire branch circuit", "split phase shared neutral", "two circuits fed from one 12-3 or ...
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Electrical outlet right above sink

I recently moved into a unit of a 4 plex in Ontario, Canada. This thing scares me: Is an electrical outlet allowed to be above the sink like that? Was it ever allowed? It it something that ...
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Need help designing a circuit layout and wiring diagram for a garage

I'm renovating the electric in my detached garage. The previous owner ran 12/2 direct burial and it shorted. So I put a 20 amp breaker in, dug up the direct burial, ran 1 inch pvc at 18 inch depth, ...
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Electrical Circuits in a Workshop

I am doing some renovation in my workshop and am considering doing something kind of unusual. I find that I am always looking for outlets to plug in tools, lights, etc. Rather than using power ...
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Clarification on sharing a neutral for 2 circuits

This is a followup question to this answer I plan to do something quite similar to the diagram Tester101 posted. I will pull 3-wire (10/3+g) into a junction box and then pull 2 separate 2 wires (12/2+...
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How do I replace two split receptacles with GFCI receptacles?

I need to replace two receptacles in my kitchen with GFCI outlets. On each receptacle, the top and bottom outlet are on different breakers. I've replaced standard outlets before, but this seems a bit ...
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Can a GFCI receptacle share the neutral wire of another circuit?

When I connect my GFCI receptacle on one circuit that shares the neutral wire with another circuit, it immediately faults out. If I remove the second circuit from the neutral there is no problem.
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