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How can I tell if it is safe to clip these wires? [duplicate]

We recently bought a little old house with a detached garage that had been converted into a study or studio. There's a great sagging bundle of cables running from the main house to the studio. Some ...
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Electric shock - was I stupid, unlucky, or a combination of both?

One of the double sockets in our garage needed replacing (damaged after a washing pole hit it) - a pretty trivial job that I'd done before. So I flipped the MCB for the ring main, used a non-contact ...
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When a 15-amp breaker switch seems to be sending too much power

I am doing some wiring from a subpanel. The main panel is sending power via 3-way wiring (3 plus a ground) to the subpanel. This subpanel is intended for both 220 and 110 volt add-ons. I have a 110 ...
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How do I install this lamp on my ceiling?

I'm a big time novice but determined not to hire an electrician for what is probably a simple job. This is embarrassing, I think. Here is an exposed light fixture that I have in my attic I want to ...
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Why am I measuring 16 volts on a wire that should be at 0 volts?

I am replacing a power receptacle at my apartment. It has the standard four wires, with one of the two reds going to a nearby toggle switch. I am concerned because when the toggle switch is off, I ...
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Is a negative reading from a non-contact voltage detector sufficient?

I'm a beginner at doing electrical work, and I want to make sure I'm not taking unnecessary risks. Let's say that I'm preparing to work on some wiring. I have a non-contact voltage detector that ...
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Unexpected voltage with switch turned off

I am doing some work on a ceiling light and I notice that, even though the light-switch is off, my voltage tester shows voltage present. Answers to other questions (below) explain about phantom ...
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How to wire LED light to old wiring layout

Bought a new LED strip light to replace an old fluorescent light. After removing the old light I'm left with 3 grey cables coming from the ceiling.There are 3 copper ground wires are all sleeved into ...
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Stud sensor finds current on large wall area

The detached garage for my home was built by the previous owner in 2000, the garage interior is naked particle board directly on wood studs, and the insulation has paper backing (not foil). When ...
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Why do my new basement lights trip the breaker?

I am upgrading my basement and the builder initially put the family room and two lights in the basement all on one circuit. During the remodel I tried adding two more lights to that same run and it ...
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Bathroom light not working but extractor fan is

My bathroom light is not working but the extractor fan via the same cord fitting is. I replaced the cord fitting and checked there's current running through both wires when it is turned on. I then ...
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Why is voltage detected in my ceramic tile floor?

I found out (in a rather uncomfortable manner) that there is a potential difference between the phase line in my home and the ceramic tile floor. My Fluke multimeter reads 30V AC, I assume the reading ...
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How to test if both Hot wires are disabled without Neutral?

Supposed the breaker is off but the left side is still hot (let's say breaker defective). Won't it work if you measure the terminal in the hot right and load left like in the following picture? Why ...
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One light switch controlling multiple lights

So my husband and I bought an older house (1956). After we moved in, we noticed that if we turn off a certain switch in the kitchen, we can't turn on the lights in the hall, bathroom, or bedrooms. ...
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Electricity tripping off after installing Nest [closed]

I just replaced my old thermostat and timer for a Google Nest, but every time I turn the electricy back on, it goes off shortly after. I have an oil boiler for heating. Before I call an electrician, ...
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