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14/3 feeding two lighting circuits [duplicate]

Can you run a 14/3 to feed two separate zones of lights? Two breakers Two hot legs feeding 2 lighting circuits each with their own switch, and share the neutral?
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How do I install a GFCI receptacle with two hot wires and common neutral?

In my kitchen, I want to replace a regular 120V receptacle with a GFCI-protected receptacle. The instructions describe what to do with a regular 2-wire + ground feed, with and without daisy chaining ...
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What does "can't mix neutrals" mean, and how would neutrals get mixed?

Electrician told me a problem I was having was caused by a new arc fault breaker they installed. I was told you, "can't mix neutrals" Can you describe what that means? How would these ...
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What else would an hot red wire be for in a split-tab outlet?

We are replacing some older outlets in our home with newer, more modern outlets. In one room, we found that two of the old outlets have two hots: a black and a red wire. The tab has been removed on ...
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How can I add a GFCI breaker on two circuits with a shared neutral without rewiring? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I install a GFCI receptacle with two hot wires and common neutral? I have a pool to protect correctly. There is a 12/3 wire: red serves the receptacles at the bottom ...
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Can I put a GFCI outlet on a 3-way switched feed to a garage?

I'm running 14/3 UF cable from my house to my garage. I start with a two wire source to a 3-way switch to a 3-way switch in the garage to a few lights. Can I put a GFCI receptacle on the outside of ...
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Mystery Electrical Voltages in Duplex Junction Box

So I'm finally getting around to installing the ceiling to floor bookcase in my home office. There is a single duplex outlet that I intend to reverse from facing into the office, to facing outwards ...
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Testing and proper breakers for a multi wire branch circuit?

How do you determine if an outlet is part of a unidentified multi-wire branch circuit? Also, does code say MWBCs need to be on double throw circuit breakers and is it permissible to link CBs with that ...
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Connecting 2 GFCI Breakers to 2 Hot Leads and 1 Common

So I just bought my first house and in lieu of changing loads of outlets in the kitchen for GFCI outlets I went with two 20A GFCI breakers. Upon going to install the breakers I found that the cable ...
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Why are there two hot and one neutral wires in my outlet box?

There is a ceiling fan up and a set of four recessed lights. The lights are controlled from a dimmer/switch in the wall and they work fine. Next to the switch for the light there is room to install ...
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Measuring amps phase to phase vs neutral and getting odd readings

Details: 240/120V split phase Using my clamp on amp meter the readings on leg A was 3.2. on leg B 2.6 ( a .6 difference ). The neutral read 1.9 ( a 1.3 difference ). Is the 1.3 Amps something to be ...
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