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Voltage tester detecting voltage in non-hot wires when the light switch is off [duplicate]

I just switched the wiring of a single-pole light switch from back wiring to side wiring and noticed that my voltage tester (non-contact pen-style one, Klein Tools NCVT-3) detects voltage in both the ...
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Why does non-contact voltage tester chirp when it touches my skin? [duplicate]

I am getting a voltage tester (70v-1000 vac) go off (chirps once) when it touches my arm. If I move it up and down my arm it will chirp every few inches. Is this normal? And no, I'm not sitting in an ...
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When doing electrical work, what do I use to check wires are safe?

If I am thinking of replacing a light switch, a light-fitting, a socket/outlet or doing other work with household wiring where there may be 120 Volts or 240 volts present ... There is already a ...
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3 phase (delta) power to single phase space heater

I bought a 240V single phase, space heater for heating up a warehouse space. The warehouse has 240V power in a delta configuration (no neutral). My understanding is that in a delta configuration, ...
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Which terminal to use on my multimeter

I have read the manual for my new multimeter but unsure which (red) terminal to use for what. The meter has one VΩmA fused 500 mA max terminal and one Unfused 10A Max terminal. I just want to measure ...
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Replaced Blower Motor, but A/C won't stay on unless power button is held down

My HVAC has an electric furnace blower motor for both heating and cooling. I called a repair guy out who explained that the capacitor was good, I just needed a new motor because it had gone out. I ...
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Is a negative reading from a non-contact voltage detector sufficient?

I'm a beginner at doing electrical work, and I want to make sure I'm not taking unnecessary risks. Let's say that I'm preparing to work on some wiring. I have a non-contact voltage detector that ...
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Why would three-way switch travelers both show as hot?

We have a three-way switch setup to control our living room light. Our staircase is on the far wall of our living room and one switch is downstairs while the other is at the top of the stairs. The ...
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Replacing a power outlet safely

I want to replace some power outlets in my condo with ones that have built-in USB ports. The condo was built in 2008. My thinking is I can simply turn off the breaker for those outlets and get to ...
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How is it possible to get an electric shock even with mains power off?

I was changing a socket outlet yesterday. I switched off the mains power at the consumer unit (the big red switch) so thought all was safe. I disconnected the old socket, but when I went to fit the ...
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Electrical box - What are all these wires?

I want to install a light fixture on a box that's in the ceiling. I opened it up and I saw WAY MORE wires than I expected. I expected just a green, black and yellow wire. Here are two photos of the ...
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How to wire LED light to old wiring layout

Bought a new LED strip light to replace an old fluorescent light. After removing the old light I'm left with 3 grey cables coming from the ceiling.There are 3 copper ground wires are all sleeved into ...
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Stud sensor finds current on large wall area

The detached garage for my home was built by the previous owner in 2000, the garage interior is naked particle board directly on wood studs, and the insulation has paper backing (not foil). When ...
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Why do my new basement lights trip the breaker?

I am upgrading my basement and the builder initially put the family room and two lights in the basement all on one circuit. During the remodel I tried adding two more lights to that same run and it ...
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Proper way to test AC voltage for dishwasher hookup

I am trying to connect my new dishwasher to the electrical cable coming up into my kitchen from down in the basement. This (white) cable actually houses 3 smaller wires inside of it: A white wire (...
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