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Is it acceptable, or to code, to splice electrical wire outside of a junction box behind drywall? [duplicate]

I'm planning to add a set of recessed lights to an existing circuit in my home. The existing circuit is fairly simple: one light, controlled by one switch, and there is no insulation in the wall or ...
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Can I splice NM-B cable in the ceiling? [duplicate]

I am moving my bathroom exhaust fan from its current location to 2 feet farther, over the shower cabin. I need to extend existing wire for this. I can't fish new wire because existing wire has been ...
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How to fix cut romex line that was cut before receptacle [duplicate]

Can the romex be spliced in line and then shrink wrapped ? Or bring receptacle outletbox closer to cut line.
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Are push in connectors up to code?

Just came across a neat product at the local hardware store, but I wonder if they are up to code and safe to use. They are a wire nut that allows you to simply push the wires in, instead of twisting ...
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Is there an NEC-compliant method of repairing minor damage to electrical wire insulation without a junction box?

While trying to pry loose a stubborn cable staple that fastens a 14-gauge electrical cable to a stud, I accidentally tore a very small hole through both the outer jacket and the insulation around the ...
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Is there any acceptable way to cover a junction box?

The outlet for my range hood was misplaced. It needs to be 4 inches to the side. I can make the junction and move the wiring to the new location but I really don't want to have the empty plate exposed....
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Can cable splice devices be concealed?

Devices exist that claim to be able to splice nonmetallic sheathed cables together outside of a box, and in concealed locations. Are these types of devices allowed by National Electrical Code? Here's ...
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Damaged wire while drilling wall caused power to go out. How to fix it properly?

I managed to damage two wires/cables: tv/internet and a power wire. There were three of power wires: a blue, a black and a green/yellow. I've damaged the black one, but just a little bit. When the ...
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How can I repair a nicked wire without adding a junction box?

I had to open up a wall for a plumbing repair and accidentally nicked the jacket of a NM electrical wire with my drywall saw. From what I can see, only the outer jacket was affected, but I admittedly ...
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Plastering over a junction box

I've got a switch box on a wall, it was originally meant to be a three-way with the switch outside, but that is not necessary and right now it is just functioning as a pass-through. I know you can't ...
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What should I consider with new electrical lines in an old house?

When I had our breaker box rewired, I had the electrician run a few extra lines (disconnected in the panel into the attic). I now need to run one of them downstairs through a wall. Two questions: 1) ...
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Can I cut a 240V wire half way?

I put a nail thru a new 240V wire, causing a short and the breaker to jump. Do I need to replace the complete wire or can I cut out the damaged portion and just install a junction box to isolate the ...
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What's the easiest way to reframe a portion of a wall with minimal disturbance to the electrical lines?

I'm in the process of remodeling a bathroom and need to re-frame a portion of the wall that had water/termite damage. The wood work itself shouldn't be too hard but there are romex lines running ...
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Burnt sheathing behind outlet

I heard buzzing and popping noises behind this kitchen outlet so I opened it up and it looks like this: What might've caused this? And to repair this, do I have to cut up the drywall and replace the ...
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nail through romex copper wire

I'm replacing my flooring, when I removed one of the baseboards it revealed a electrical wire nailed to the floor. What really has me worried now is there WAS 1 area where the previous owner has a ...
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