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Can I connect ground to neutral in a 3 wire outlet?

I have a 3 wire outlet with the entrances for hot, neutral and ground. But I know that the ground entrance is not really grounded, so in effect useless. Now, since the neutral is grounded, could I ...
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Where does the ground wire go in a 3-prong dryer cord configuration?

We moved to a new place where the dryer connection is 3-prong instead of 4-prong. The dryer was originally 4-prong, so we bought a 3-prong cord and installed it. It works fine, except I am not ...
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What is the typical dishwasher/disposer electrical connection?

I need to provide power to a instant hot water dispenser that I recently installed myself in our circa 1950 home. I'm about to have my dishwasher replaced and am wondering what the typical electrical ...
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Can a NEMA 6-15 Device be connected to a NEMA 6-20 receptacle?

I have a new -80 deep freezer that calls for NEMA 6-15R receptacle, but the old one it is replacing called for a NEMA 6-20. I note that the plug actually seems to fit in the 6-20, but is there a ...
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Why were only some of my tools damaged when connected to a 240V receptacle?

I live in the US and recently bought a home. There are several electrical outlets in my garage. I have recently had two tools that have burned up and gone to an early grave. It turns out that the ...
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Is it okay to run a switched and unswitched hot on the same neutral?

I have a room where I need to toggle the lights by a switch and the outlets in the room to not be affected by the switch. As they are on the same circuit, am I able to run a 3 wire cable from the ...
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Electrical outlet has two black hot wires but one neutral white wire?

I attempted to replace an electrical outlet that was not working. My voltage tester indicated nothing was working. A receptacle analyzer indicated nothing was working as well. but when opening it up,...
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How can I connect a 120V washer to a 240V circuit?

So we got a new washing machine to go in a house built in the late 50s. When the appliance installer came to deliver the appliance, we ran into a snag with connecting the washer...the washer appears ...
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How can I plug my 3 prong dryer into a 4 prong receptacle?

My dryer blew up and there is no chance of repair — it was pretty old anyway. I found a used dryer and brought it home. Unfortunately, the cord don't match the receptacle. I Need to know if ...
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Why do my appliances show two sets of power consumption ratings and which one applies to my house?

Aptos, CA, USA I'm trying to determine how much power my electric oven is using (as part of a larger project to possibly upgrade our electrical service (with help from a licensed electrician of ...
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Can a built-in dishwasher be plugged into a receptacle?

We just bought a house in California. Can a built in dishwasher be plugged into an outlet or must it be hard wired?
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How can I connect a 120V compressor to a 3 phase WYE 208 electrical system?

I have 4 cables from a power supply which are 3 phase WYE 208 volt. so if I measure between neutral and hot I get 120V. The problem is that I need to hook up a compressor for 110V single phase (just ...
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Ground Wire Installation

Currently I do not have ground in my house wiring. I am planing to install ground wiring but the floor around the main service panel is cemented and I don't think I can place a ground rod in the floor....
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How can I figure out why this electrical receptacle is dead?

One of the rooms in my house has a 20A circuit. I plugged an 11A device to one of the receptacles in that room for the entire day. Walked away, came back and that device was powered down. I connected ...
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Is there a simple way to retrofit an existing toilet with a top-mounted sink?

I'm looking for a toilet with an integrated sink. I've seen them on rare occasions: flushing the toilet activates the sink, which re-fills the toilet and tank using the water that drains through the ...
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