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Do modern energy saving light bulbs class as "fluorescent lighting"?

I am about to replace an ageing smoke alarm. The current one is battery powered, but I was thinking that it might be good to replace it with a mains powered one (no need to change battery, cannot be ...
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LEDs stay on (very dim) when switch is off

I have a problem similar to Why do my LED lights stay on, even when the switch is off? except that one of the lights in question is not attached to any switches that might cause the ghosting effect, ...
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Why do some light bulbs remain on when the switch is off? [duplicate]

We have a situation in our bathroom where we can’t turn the lights off fully. If the switch is on, bulbs 1&2 are on. If switched off, bulb 3 is on. We’ve taken bulb 3 out for now but would like to ...
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LED lamps glow with switch off [duplicate]

My stairway LED ceiling lamps on 3-way switches glow next morning after being off all night. Is this an indication of stray voltage, bad switch or short circuit? They still glow today after 14 hours.
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why do my led lights stay on, even when the switch is off, and what does that cost to my bill [duplicate]

I'd like to know what the cost implication there is in continual use of my led fitting that remains partially on even when the switch in off
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New light bulbs light up even when switched off

Edit: I have confirmed that my main question is answered in another post. But there are still things that bother me. Why is there a buzzing sound when the bulbs work? The new bulbs do not light up ...
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Light never turns off

Just moved to a 30 year old house. Light in laundry never goes off. Turning the wall switch on or off will brighten the light but it never turns off. I removed the switch completely and taped off the ...
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Why do some LED bulbs stay on when my dimmer is off? [duplicate]

The front room of our rented house has 8 down-lighter spotlights on one of those dimmers that you use a silver disc to turn on and off and supposedly dim. Beside the switch is another separate dimmer ...
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Why do LED bulbs in my three-bulb fixture remain on unless one is incandescent? [duplicate]

I have a three bulb light fitting that worked fine with 40 watt golf ball bulbs. On removing the bulbs and inserting the first 5.5 watt led the bulb illuminated while the fitting was turned off. This ...
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Why my bedroom lights are on when a light in another room is turned on [duplicate]

During night, when all the lights are off and it is very dark in the room, I noticed that my bedroom lights turn on barely when a light is turned on in another room. The light is very barely visible ...
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Electrical current leaking from light fixture when off [duplicate]

I recently migrated from Incandescent to LED light bulbs. I changed my old dimmer switches to LED compatible dimmer switches (all 3-ways). When on, the lights work fine, but when turned off, I noticed ...
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