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What size wire for 100 amp sub-panel from a 200amp main panel? [duplicate]

I want to add a 100 amp sub-panel from a 200 amp main in an attached garage. It will be about 100 feet from sub to main. What gauge wire should I use? The sub panel is to hook up a 7.5 horse air ...
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What is the minimum gauge wire required to carry 100 amp service from the meter to the panel? [duplicate]

What size wire is required to carry 100 amp service from the meter to the panel?
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What size wire do I need for a 100A subpanel? [duplicate]

I'm installing 200 amp service in a shop, and I am going to feed my house with a 100 amp sub panel. I want to use aluminum wire for this run. What gauge of wire I should use?
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100A sub panel from 150A Service at Body shop [duplicate]

I'm running 100' away from 150A main Service panel to 100A sub panel, my question is: what wire gage shoul I use? Thanks
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Subpanel run to secondary floor apartment from basement [duplicate]

What size wire would I need to run a 100 amp subpanel 28 feet away? I have 6/3 wire would that do it?
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Wiring a shed sub panel [duplicate]

I'm wiring a 100 amp subpanel in a shed that is 100ft. from the main service panel. I have 3 - #2 AL wires, 2 hots and 1 neutral. What size ground wire is recommended?
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What size wire should I use to feed a subpanel in my garage?

My main panel has been upgraded to 100 amps. I would like to add a subpanel in the garage which would supply: 20 amp Mig welder running on 120 volts, but later upgrade to a larger Mig welder as i ...
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Need advice on connecting 100 amp sub-panel to 200 amp main panel

I currently have a 200 amp main panel that is full. I'm planning on installing some equipment for a water well pump, water softner, etc. and it seems to make sense at this point to install a sub-...
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What wire should I run to my garage for tools and a welder?

I will be running 240v to my garage to wire up an outlet. From the Panel in our basement to the plug location it is about 30M(~100ft) away. I am hoping to have an outlet in my garage that can service ...
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What type of wire should I use to feed a 70 ampere subpanel?

Finishing a basement and I need to add a subpanel. Main panel is outside. Subpanel will be in the basement. 70 Amp breaker in the main to feed the subpanel. I was thinking THHN but would this mean ...
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Wire Gauge/Type for 100amp detached Shop?

I have a new woodworking shop that I built behind my house. The shop has a 100 Amp panel and I have wire the shop for 110v/20a plugs and 220v/20a plugs. My house has a 225amp service and already has a ...
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Running 240v power to detached garage for electric vehicle

We have a detached garage approx 95ft away from the main house and we are looking to run a 240v circuit there. Currently we have Romex wire running straight into the ground. (This is how it was when ...
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How do I convert an existing electrical panel to a subpanel?

I'm going to upgrade my existing electrical service from 100 amps to 200 amps. Along with the service upgrade, I'll be moving the location of the service drop (part of a larger home remodel). I want ...
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Wiring up a subpanel in attached workshop

I need to wire up my attached workshop, which is about 50' from the main panel. I don't want to make a bunch of homeruns and would rather install a workshop-specific panel for this task. I will be ...
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Is a conduit required or recommended when running SER wire in unfinished space?

I'm planning on installing a 100amp sub panel in the garage. The garage is right around the corner from the main load center in the basement, but part for that path goes through the stairway from the ...
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