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Why has my electricity bill doubled? [duplicate]

In recent months, my electricity bill has been steadily going up, from 20% to 40% to, now, 100%. It's doubled. I don't see any appliance running continuously except several ceiling fans. All my ...
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How to find out why electric usage has more than doubled? [duplicate]

Our home is 2700sqft 1 story. We have a swimming pool with a variable speed pump which barely runs and is on the lowest setting. I also have a 40x60 workshop that has 100 amps coming off the house. I ...
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How can I figure out why my electric bill is so high? [duplicate]

I have two homes (read flat or apartment) in two different buildings a few blocks apart. The homes are both the same size but, home 1 gets a huge electricity bill while home 2 gets 1/5 the electricity ...
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Locating source of excessive energy use

Background Info: My house is all electric. Last month when I got my electric bill, I flipped. It was triple that of any month prior. Now I know the cold (heating) can affect this so I decided to ...
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How can I audit my furnace?

I want to keep track of when my furnace is on, with an eye to reducing how much energy I use to heat my house. I could compare it with weather data (temperature, wind speed, precipitation). I could ...
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Why did my electric bill climb suddenly?

So we had a little mishap a couple of months ago involving some flooding. We had some folks come in and "dehydrate" our house. It involved lots of fans running for a couple of weeks. We expected ...
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Should a 240 V dryer circuit show a current differential between legs?

I have a 240 V dryer which when measured with an ammeter has 24 A on one leg and 22.7 A on the other. If the ammeter is kept in place, one leg drops to 13 A, and the other leg drops to 4.5 A. Because ...
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How do you determine how much electricity is used by a device?

How does one go about determining how much electricity is used for a particular device? Where can I find the wattage ratings, and how do I calculate the cost based on my current electricity rates ...
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Where is my power going?

We just got an overly large (several hundred dollars over normal) electric bill from the city. Being a bit of a diy I picked up an ammeter to to track down the reason. None of my circuits are ...
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Spike in electrical consumption [duplicate]

I am a snow bird from North US and go to warm weather in Winter. I winterize my house in the North with only Oil Furnace, and a Fridge on. No other appliance is kept on. For most winters my electric ...
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