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If I install a GFCI on the first outlet in a circuit will the other receptacles on that breaker circuit have GFI protection?

I have three electrical outlets in my garage which appear to be connected to one circuit breaker. I am assuming the outlet closest to to the panel is first in the three receptacle circuit. How ...
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Socket Tester all indicators light up

I used the above GFCI/RCD (up to 250v) socket tester on the 240v black and red live wire of the US split phase ac power system. When I connect the ground, all indicator lights (3 red) got on ...
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Testing my 2-wire home receptacles with a Southwire model 50020S-A

I'm about to put my 1885 Victorian on the market. When I moved in, every receptacle except those in the newly-remodeled kitchen was a "2-prong." There are otherwise no ground wires or armored cable in ...
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Removing a light switch cuts power to my entire room. Breaker not tripped. Smart Switch Install

I have installed smart switches before, but I moved into a new apartment recently. I have never had a problem before. I removed my old light switch and installed a new smart wifi light switch, and I ...
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European Light Fixture in the US - Does it require a ground connection to light up

A bit of an oddball question. We bought, through a US distributor, a ceiling light fixture that was made in Europe (Netherlands). It is a metal fixture, connected to the ceiling via a metal chain, ...
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help me interpret the results of an outlet tester on some GFCI receptacles

I'm trying to figure out what might be wrong with some exterior GFCI receptacles that I have. The problem is that this is an old house, and I'm not really sure what is happening between the ...
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Is it considered safe to connect ground to neutral with GFCI outlets?

I am retired electrician. I have had contractors tell me to change ungrounded (2 prong) outlets to 3 prong and connect the ground to neutral (bootlegging). There was only 2 conductor/no ground cable ...
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Is this outlet grounded?

My house was built in 1949 and some of my outlets look like this guy while others run updated Romex into plastic boxes. With the wires coming through the conduit in the plaster, are these grounded ...
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Troubleshooting a 120v load off a GFCI outlet

I have a 120v load im trying to troubleshoot, i replaced the GFCI located in garage as it's the first termination after the breaker and i thought it was the issue. Before and after GFCI the issue was ...
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Ungrounded outlet indicates grounded when an UPS is plugged in

I moved into an old apartment that has a mix of grounded, ungrounded, and GFCI ungrounded outlets. My computer is plugged into an ungrounded GFCI outlet. Plugging in a tester indicates open ground. ...
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Is it acceptable to use a lighted switch with a switched outlet?

The bedrooms in our house in California each have a light switch that controls power to an outlet in the room. The switches are the single-pole type, interrupting the black/hot wire. Is it acceptable ...
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The outlets power goes to ground when you plug something into it

I am having trouble with my outlets power going to ground from what my outlet tester is telling me. I have changed out all of the receipts on the circuit. And I double checked all of them again to ...
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Can the Distance of a Subpanel affect Outlet Tester Results

I got help with wiring my cabin here: Requesting Evaluation of Power Plan at Rural Cabin and here: Cabin Wiring Plan Revisited I also put a follow up comment there, but now I'm not sure that was the ...
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Curious "open ground" when using testers in series

I added 2 new wall sockets starting from an existing wall socket. After wiring them up and connecting the power I plugged a GRT-500 into the two sockets - I happened to have two so I plugged one into ...
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Outlet, breaker issue

New home. I replaced all the old outlets with decos and reinstalled. I plugged in a light, 2 prong, and no issue. I plugged in a tester to check see that the others were wired correctly and the green ...
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