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Can a single ground wire ground 2 outlets? [duplicate]

Can a single ground wire ground 2 outlets? I don't want to run another wire through the wall, if I can run a wire to that other ground wire (and have 2 outlets being grounded by one wire). In other ...
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Integrating into knob-and-tube wiring: okay to borrow a ground [duplicate]

I have a mixture of knob-and-tube and NM-B. If I'm extending from knob and tube, but I have a (different) an NM-B circuit nearby, is it technically allowable to ground via ground wire in the other ...
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Shared ground between two different circuits? [duplicate]

I have a 240 circuit that i am trying to split into 2 120 circuits. I have only 3 wires available, red/white/black. I have another circuit a few inches away (both in junction boxes), Can I share ...
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Is it ok to have mixed grounds and neutrals on bars in a breaker box?

So to continue my line of electrical questioning (and perhaps narrow down my flickering light problem), I took a look through the two panels in this house. There is a 200amp main service in the ...
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Is it OK to create a third prong ground from a cold water pipe, for a 2-wire circuit?

When or is it NEC code compliant to upgrade a 2-wire circuit, by adding a third prong equipment ground from a nearby cold water pipe? A different case of borrowing a ground from a nearby circuit is ...
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Can I replace my ungrounded / two prong outlets, or should I have a professional do this type of a thing?

They're all two prong except a select few in the kitchen. Is this a project I could take on with NO electrical experience other than minor soldering, or is this something I should not attempt? ...
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Can I run a ground wire of a single circuit to the panel outside the house?

This is a follow-up to this question. I am adding (outlets) on to a 2-wire 12AWG (no ground) circuit and I want the new outlets grounded. Can I run a ground wire to the panel along the outside of ...
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What to do with an apartment with only 2-pronged outlets

I just rented an apartment (Colorado, for what it's worth RE code) that has 2-pronged outlets throughout the place except for two GFCI's, one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen. I bought the $....
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How should ground wires be handled when updating switch loops in an older home?

I have a house built in the 1950’s with fabric covered NMC wiring still present in most circuits. Those original wires are all 12/2 with no ground. I am currently in the process of replacing some of ...
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Looking for or adding a ground to an existing NEMA 10-30 socket

I have an unused older 3-wire dryer socket (NEMA 10-30R) in my garage, I would like to upgrade this to a NEMA 14-30 socket with an separate ground. I'll be using this for an EVSE unit for electrical ...
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Shared ground on bathroom light, fan, heater combo

I plan on replacing the exhaust fan in my bathroom and want to replace it with a light/heater/fan combo. In doing so, I want to be able to power both the vanity light and the fan light with a single ...
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DIY solution for open ground wiring where electronics need to be plugged in?

Although many of the original two-prong outlets in a rental property (built around 1958) have been replaced with three-prong ones almost none of them are actually grounded (the couple that are ...
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Can I obtain grounding from a different outlet?

I have a room with 2 ungrounded (2-prong) outlets and 1 switched grounded (3-prong) outlet. This has not been a serious inconvenience so far, as most of the equipment I wish to connect has ungrounded ...
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Best practices for a shared ground in conduit between branch circuits in residential?

According to NEC 2014 250.130 : Article 250 - Grounding and Bonding VII. Methods of Equipment Grounding 250.130 Equipment Grounding Conductor Connections. Equipment grounding conductor connections at ...
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"Lending" the ground wire of a 120V/15A circuit to a 240V/30A circuit

I have read in a previous forum post Is it OK to borrow a ground wire from a different circuit? that NEC in article 250.130(C)(4) allows the grounding of an ungrounded circuit by connecting to an ...
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