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"Lending" the ground wire of a 120V/15A circuit to a 240V/30A circuit

I have read in a previous forum post Is it OK to borrow a ground wire from a different circuit? that NEC in article 250.130(C)(4) allows the grounding of an ungrounded circuit by connecting to an ...
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Is my plan to add a neutral wire to a switch box ok?

I'd like to add a neutral wire to an old switch box so that I can install a smart switch that needs a neutral wire. I have a mud room and porch that each have a light fixture. The lights are ...
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How do I connect a separately run equipment ground to a grounding electrode conductor? [duplicate]

Jurisdiction Kentucky, USA; 2017 NEC / NFPA 70 Background I live in a house built in the 50s that was originally wired with ungrounded outlets. Many parts of the house have been rewired, but a room ...
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Is it acceptable to use a ground wire from one outlet to ground another?

I live in a condo/apt. Two of my three prong electrical outlets were not showing up grounded when I plugged my surge protector in. I think from lightning or something. I need to plug computers and an ...
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mesh with an older circuit

When extending an existing electrical circuit in an older home (comprised of 2 wire service (common and hot with no bare wire ground)) should one use 2 wire with a bare wire ground for the extended ...
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Why must all outlets share a ground conduit?

I was reading this answer in my quest to see how possible adding grounds to my existing knob and tube house would be, and was suprised by: Are you asking if it's OK to run a separate ground wire ...
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Electric ground from another circuit

I have a circuit that has a couple outlets and they used 2 wire no grounds. Can I replaced the wire with 3 wire for the outlets and add new 3 prong outlets. It is a long difficut way back to my panel ...
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Electrical outlet wiring question

How serious a problem is it for an outlet's ground wire to be extended from an outlet that is part of a different circuit than the circuit providing the power and neutral wires? I have an old ...
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If i use one ground wire for two outlets, will my equipment get damaged?

If i use one ground wire for two outlets, will my equipment get damaged? Here is what I want to do: If my air conditioner sends voltage through the ground wire shared with the outlet powering my ...
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