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Please help establishing a C wire for new tstat

I bought a new WiFi tstat as a replacement. The tstat controls my second floor hot water baseboard heat and my central air conditioning. I've located all the wires....the ones coming up from the ...
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Adding a C wire to older 3 wire

How do I use the green wire as a C wire as suggested in most installation instructions for the newer wi-fi thermostats? They all reference terminal strips at the furnace, all I have is the 3 wire ...
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Can't find HVAC C terminal

Could any of these be the c terminal on my hvac unit? There's already a c wire there, just can't figure out where to connect it.
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C Wire for Thermostat

I am upgrading my thermostat (Have AC & Heat) and found that it doesn't have the "C" wire that I need to power my new thermostat. The furnace does have a terminal for C, but only condensation pump ...
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Thermostat C-wire replacement using a wall socket?

I have a Filtrete 3M WiFi thermostat. As expected, it takes a C wire, which my apartment doesn't have and the apartment maintenance folks wont' let met wire either. However, there's a wall socket ...
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HVAC adding C wire to older system w/ wire nuts

I have an older system, separate AC and gas heat. Trying to add a C wire. All existing wires are connected outside the air handler with wire nuts. I've unwrapped an unused blue in the lower right of ...
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How do I go about wiring 3 Nests to a boiler with no C wire

I’ve seen a version of this question in a few places but nothing really fits. I have a boiler and hot water baseboards. It’s a three zone system and I installed 3 Nests but there is not C wire and no ...
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Adding a c wire for a thermostat

Trying to add a C wire for a new Nest thermostat. Currently only have a Red and White wire. There are no other terminals available for the C wire on the furnace transformer. Red go to one end of the ...
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