I have two stained glass panels that are literally just glass all along the edges. They are roughly about three feet by about a foot each. I think they were panels in a piece of furniture originally. I scored them at a garage sale for like 10 bucks - so I couldn't pass them up.

Anyway - I would love to hang them in my bay window - in the two middle bay window panels that do not open.

My question is - how do I do this? I am not a glass-maker so am not going to try to drill holes in the glass. I also do not solder so I am not looking to make a frame and hooks that way. I would in fact simply lean them against the window - but they are a few inches short and would lean on the actual windows themselves. Plus I have two cats so I need them secure.

I am open to almost anything that does not require a huge expense and/or weird specialty tools.


The glass bits around the edge are not fully encapsulated without a frame. This is a risk -- damage and / or injury. I would recommend taking them to a picture-framing business and seeing if you can't get a reasonably cheap metal frame cut to size. Obviously you wouldn't need a matte :-), but you might want some extra pads/shims to keep the stained glass panels from rattling in the frame.

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    Or a wood frame, but in any case, a frame of some sort is the solution here. – Ecnerwal Sep 22 '16 at 13:38
  • Thanks for the advice. :) What do you think about a cable hanging system? Maybe I could attach to the top and bottom of the window bay very close to the windows. I found this so far - but wouldn't trust this particular system with actual glass... mediafinishings.com/hanging_solutions/cable_hanging_system/#! If not, I guess framing them would be the only way to go... – Brenda Sep 22 '16 at 16:40

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