I recently installed a dusk to dawn light for the front porch and would like to keep the switch Always On at all times. This is more for the overzealous kind at home who want to switch everything off at night :)

I am thinking of replacing the normal switch on the wall with a stationary plate and making the wires hardwired at all times. Is there a specific term for this type of plate?

I've searched all over but could not find this in the store.

  • Or wire 120 VAC to the switch itself so Mr. (or Mrs.) Overzealous quickly learns to leave the switch alone. JOKE do not actually do this! :-( – Carl Witthoft Sep 19 '16 at 14:44

If you're trying to cover the whole box

  • Blank plate
  • Blank cover plate
  • Blank wall plate
  • Blank electrical box cover
  • Blank switch cover

enter image description here

If you're trying to cover one slot of a multi-gang box

  • Blank insert
  • Blank switch insert
  • Blank toggle insert
  • Blank Decora insert

enter image description here enter image description here

If you just want to lock the switch in the ON/OFF position

  • Switch guard
  • Switch lockout
  • Switch shield

enter image description here


This is what I got for covering one slot in a multi-gang box.

The guy at my hardware store said what I posted didn't exist! The internet shall provide :). I think my answer looks cleaner then a blank single insert, but if you have more then a 2 switch gang box, that might be the only option. Also, be careful to look, is your blank switch on the left or right!

enter image description here


Your switch guard is your best option . Most run by switch to reset light and if you want it to stay on. then you shut off it resets back to dust to dawn or motion.

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