A detached garage on a property was recently wired with a 220 circuit to accommodate lighting, washer, and electric dryer .

The problem is the GFI for the washer blinks red.

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Effective June 29, 2015, all GFCI receptacles and circuit breakers must have an auto-monitoring (self-test) feature that automatically conducts a periodic internal test to confirm that the GFCI is able respond to a ground fault. If a problem is detected, the GFCI must trip and deny power or provide a visual and/or audible indication.

Green Status

Dual indicator:

  • On initial installation - If no power to load, device has been wired incorrectly
  • Normal operation - GFCI has passed self-test and is providing power

Red Status

  • Blinking = Initial self-test upon first power up
  • Solid or blinking = Press TEST and RESET buttons to reset GFCI
  • If GFCI will not reset OR solid or blinking red continues, replace device

No Power

  • GFCI in tripped state, no power

  • Press RESET button

  • If GFCI will not reset, no power on the circuit

Self-Test Indications: If the Status Indicator Light is solid or flashing RED a problem may exist. Press the TEST button to trip the GFCI. If unable to Reset, replace the GFCI.

NOTE: The status indicator may flash Red at power "ON" and Reset.

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  • How fast do I need to replace it? It's blinking red and it started happening after i finished fixing a faucet?
    – Don Code
    Commented Feb 3, 2021 at 3:09

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