What materials to people use as a firestop for where CPVC lines penetrate through the wall/fireblocking? According to the manufacturer, apparently CPVC does not play well with certain materials.

"CPVC products can however be damaged by contact with chemicals found in some construction and ancillary products such as thread sealants, anti-freeze solutions, fire stop materials, etc."

In addition,

DO NOT stack, support, hang equipment, or hang flexible wire/cable (especially communications cable), or other material on the CPVC system.

DO NOT expose CPVC products to incompatible substances such as cutting oils, non-water based paints, packing oils, traditional pipe thread paste and dope, fungicides, termiticides, insecticides, detergents, building caulks, adhesive tape, solder flux, flexible wire/cable (with special consideration for communications cabling), and non-approved spray foam insulation materials."

Also of concern is that CPVC will expand up to 3/16" on a 10' run, so not sure it that has implications as well.


There are fire stop caulks that are designed for use with CPVC. Just check the tube before you buy to make sure it specifies CPVC compatible.

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