I'm a complete novice to woodworking - I have a few plans in mind (tables and such like) that involve gluing boards to make tops, sides and so forth.

My idea is to glue boards to make panels larger than I actually need them to be and then shape them to size afterwards... but I don't have a table saw, nor anywhere to put one should I buy one (without commandeering the dining room).

So my question is - what's the best combination of hand (power) tools to achieve this? I have a plunge router, so I was thinking of grabbing a circular saw, using that to trim the panels to roughly the right size and then using the router with a fence to square everything off.

What other options do I have?


I;ve used the rough cut then router many times. works great.

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A hand plane like this can be used to shave the boards down to size. They can be used with over sized rough hard or soft wood. I used mine to make some 2' wide x 4' long 3" thick to make some nice end tables out of rough walnut. I have also made tapered legs by starting several cuts 6" down on all 4 sides then several more , Once all the steps are cut several full length passes on all 4 sides Makes a nice square tapered leg. Planes are not a multipurpose tool like some others but can help create very nice hand crafted work.

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