I'm going to use Prova-Flor + 5/8 T&G OSB + Laminate flooring planks for flooring in my basement, so the total height should be around 1 1/2". I'm not sure what to do about the bathroom, though.

I could use Ditra membrane + ceramic tiles directly over concrete, which is relatively straight-forward, but I'm concerned that:

  1. The floor will be very cold, especially during the winter.
  2. The floor in the bathroom will be much lower than in other rooms.

Products like Prova-Flor do not list ceramic tiles as supported top floor, so I'd like to know what could I use to try to insulate the top ceramic tile layer from the cold concrete beneath it. I don't want to actively heat the floor, though.

  • You could use the 3/4" CDX plywood with Ditra on top, then tile? The height should come out about the same. Aug 29 '16 at 0:39
  • Is it OK to put the CDX plywood on bare concrete, or should I add a vapor barrier under it?
    – haimg
    Aug 29 '16 at 1:57

I just got a water leak in my basement, so wouldn't put nothing that can have mildew.

So i would install a rubber membrane about 1/8 made of recycle tire that insulate from cold fairly good for the thickness, and it cut the humidity, just tape the joint with tuck tape underneath. and so for the bathroom with the money you save with the plywood not installed put dutra heat membrane from shluter and heated floor, great when you come out of the shower

Sorry for my English I'm from Québec speaking French usually.

Good luck.

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