I'm going to use Prova-Flor + 5/8 T&G OSB + Laminate flooring planks for flooring in my basement, so the total height should be around 1 1/2". I'm not sure what to do about the bathroom, though.

I could use Ditra membrane + ceramic tiles directly over concrete, which is relatively straight-forward, but I'm concerned that:

  1. The floor will be very cold, especially during the winter.
  2. The floor in the bathroom will be much lower than in other rooms.

Products like Prova-Flor do not list ceramic tiles as supported top floor, so I'd like to know what could I use to try to insulate the top ceramic tile layer from the cold concrete beneath it. I don't want to actively heat the floor, though.

  • You could use the 3/4" CDX plywood with Ditra on top, then tile? The height should come out about the same. – Jimmy Fix-it Aug 29 '16 at 0:39
  • Is it OK to put the CDX plywood on bare concrete, or should I add a vapor barrier under it? – haimg Aug 29 '16 at 1:57

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