I have read for hours, and tried figure this out myself, but I need help. I'm trying to connect the Blue C wire from the tstat, without a C terminal at the furnace.

enter image description hereFrom what I have read, it seems to me that I would connect the C wire from the thermostat, to one of the 3 BL wires coming from the 24v transformer. If that is correct, I am still not sure which of the 3 BL wires to use.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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    All 3 are connected to the same point on the transformer. It shouldn't matter which one you use. – brhans Aug 24 '16 at 19:31

Yes, you'll connect to any of the blue wires coming from the transformer.

If there's an empty terminal on the transformer, connect there. If not, you might be able to use a piggyback spade connector.

enter image description here

Otherwise, connecting at the point of grounding would be the next easiest location.

enter image description here

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