I want to permanently two Pergo pieces to make a longer piece. Could I simply use wood glue for this?enter image description here


jut cut a tongue into one and a groove in the other. glue and you are done

  • I'm not that good with carpentry. Is there a special tool you can use for that?
    – user7014
    Aug 25 '16 at 19:18
  • there are many special tools you can use, all of them exceedingly dangerous in the hands of someone "not that good with carpentry". instead of buying a few hundred dollars worth of chisels and planes or routers and bits, just take it to a local wood shop and ask them to do it for you. it probably wont cost more than $50-$100, and it will avoid any trips to the emergency room Aug 25 '16 at 19:35
  • in retrospect, if you want to go slow and do it yourself, it could be done with a handsaw and a wood file (for the groove), and a speed square and a good olfa type knife. just go slow and use a good table to hold it steady. good luck. Aug 25 '16 at 19:37

I would not use wood glue. Try a non-water based adhesive to avoid swelling, and T & G the joint as mentioned by others.

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