I had a leaking bottom seal for my first floor half bath toilet, buckling linoleum tiles. I took up the linoleum and 0.7 in composite board that sits on the primary subfloor.

As part of this renovation I used an oscillating saw to cut away the upper portion of the toilet flange from the 3"PVC pipe. I now have the female portion of the flange to contend with in replacing the flange.

view of plumbing from below

I've tried a little using a chisel to remove outer portion of the flange, but it's slow going and I haven't made any real progress.

Is it easier to just cut the PVC from below and use a female-female coupler?

Additionally, what kind of saw should I use? I assume the cut should be pretty straight and without void space.

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    The cut dosent have to be absolutely straight but should be chamfered inside. I usually cut the pipe use a coupler and new flange that I set when the sub floor and cement backer is finished for tile jobs. – Ed Beal Aug 21 '16 at 20:37

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