In every place I have ever lived, I've seen cement floors painted (unfinished basement and garage). In every case over time I've observed the paint flaking, peeling and creating a terrible mess. I would love nothing more than to remove all floor paint from my current property.

What I would like to know is if there's a practical reason this is done? Does the paint do anything beneficial for the protection of the concrete surface or is this simply a cosmetic finish that could be removed without consequence?

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    Easier to keep clean. May help reduce water infiltration. May be more attractive.
    – keshlam
    Aug 20, 2016 at 17:36

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It's a cosmetic finish that can be removed without consequence. Makes a lot more sense to pretty up concrete with something other than paint if longevity is a concern. Acid stain, sheet vinyl, engineered hardwood, tile, stone…

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