I have a 3 way dimmer that was wired incorrectly, with you currently having to have the switches thrown in the correct order to get them to work. In trying to work this out, I have been able to determine which 2 wires are the Travelers by using the other switch to isolate them. My question/concern is that when one traveler wire shows 120v, the other traveler wire shows about 50v, and they swap when the other switch is thrown. Is this normal?


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This is indeed normal. Modern, high-impedance voltmeters can measure voltage that has no actual "oomph" behind it. What you are seeing is a capacitive "phantom" voltage coupled to the inactive traveler from the active one. If you have a Low-Z range on your voltmeter, it will indeed not show this "phantom" voltage, nor will it be indicated by an electrical voltage tester ("wiggy" or equivalent device).

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