So I successfully purchased and installed an Mars 10204 motor and installed it in my condenser unit outside (the previous GE motor died a horrible death after years of service).

Only problem is it is running in reverse. There are 4 wires that come out of the side, that are joined in pairs through knife blade connectors (two males and two females). Brown to orange, and blue to yellow.

When I remove the connections and connect each male to the other female, the fan just doesn't work.

Suggestions? Is it possible I need to join male-male and female-female? Ugh. I wouldn't think so and hate having to install new connectors.

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    There's a wiring diagram printed on the side of the motor, that show how to wire it for both clockwise and anticlockwise rotation. – Tester101 Aug 14 '16 at 13:56

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