I have a large tree that has fallen on my property, and it is currently supported on opposite ends, like this:

enter image description here

The bulk of the tree that was beyond the fence, off to the right, was already removed by the county. IOW, you can see 99% of what remains in this picture.

For reference, the fence on the right is six feet high and the root structure on the left is about twelve feet high.

I'd like to use my chainsaw to remove this behemoth from my yard. Anyone have any tips do this safely and efficiently?


I would get some heavy duty pipe jacks to support the trunk, placing them on a square piece of 1" plywood to distribute the weight. Prop the tree with 4x4 lumber to prevent rolling; one end in a hole in the turf, the other end nailed to the tree. Once stabilized, cut all extraneous non-supporting branches, limbs and roots including the portion that hangs over the fence.

Then use a trolley jack to lower the (cut off) tree top to the ground and re-stabilize with 4x4s; carefully chop up the bugger.

It may end up being easier to chop up if you don't let it rest on the ground but instead, land it on some wood cribbing.

Pipe jack

Trolley jack

wood cribbing

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