I'm looking for a place I can buy a garage door mail slot basket. I had one in my old (rented) house and I'm looking to install one. It should look something like the image below, and keep upright when the garage door is opening.
This site was selling them, but as you can see on the top of their page, not anymore :(
If you have a suggestion where I can buy the basket itself (need to have round edge to act as a hinge when the door opens) and assemble it myself, that would be a good start too.

alt text

  • They're back in stock at www.brighthardware.com, thanks!
    – user3132
    Commented Jun 30, 2011 at 16:35

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This guy crafted his own.

This site sells mail baskets.

You could always use a priority mail box and attach it with a few bolts and screws. Hot glue a dowel rod to the box and use the same type of clips to get the hanging effect.

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