I have a portable washing machine that I want to keep in one of our bedrooms and thus need to extend the stock drainage hose. My current solution is:

  1. buy the necessary length of clear plastic tubing
  2. wrap the existing hose with electrical tape until it barely fits inside the plastic tubing
  3. use a hose clamp to cinch down the tubing so that there are no leaks

Unfortunately, my solution does not prevent all leaks; a small bit of water still leaks out.

What are your suggestions?

original drainage hose w/ measurement from ruleroriginal tube with tape and hose clamp

  • Two hose clamps and a scrap of PVC pipe. – Tyson Jul 16 '16 at 23:10
  • Pvc or copper something that the clamps can lock down on and create a seal. – Ed Beal Jul 17 '16 at 0:15

Replace this hose with a single long hose.

Remove the hose that came with the unit and measure the size of the fitting it was attached to. Go to a good hardware or plumbing shop and buy a single length of heavy duty reinforced rubber hose and a hose clamp to fit. This is the only correct way to do it IMO.

  • I would like to do this but it requires removing the side panel on my washing machine and I am afraid of breaking something. – Chris Morris Jul 18 '16 at 18:20
  • OK, do not rely on glue alone as some have suggested. Go to a good hardware/plumbing shop and get a 7/8" barbed coupling, and some 7/8" I.D. reinforced rubber hose, and some hose clamps to fit. Then use silicone caulk/glue (or equivalent flexible RTV adhesive) and glue and clamp the connection between the two hoses. – Jimmy Fix-it Jul 19 '16 at 3:27

Easiest way is to buy some 20mm light duty flexible corrugated conduit from hardware store and pvc electrical conduit glue.run the glue around inside of end of drain hose and around the outside on the end of flexible corrugated conduit.insert conduit in end of drain hose,glue will dry in a few minutes or so and you are good to go with no leaks.or alternitavely you can buy extra long drain hoses from plumbing wholesale stores


My solution was to use a dishwasher hose drain kit, cutting the 'connector piece' until it just barely fit inside the original drainage hose. I then used a hose clamp to make the seal water tight.

dishwasher drain hose kit

put new drain hose inside original drain hose

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