i am replacing a light fixture with a fan. I already installed the fan rated box but the box has 3 sets of wires coming in. 2 of the sets have a red wire and all three have a black, white, and copper wire. I know that the red goes to blue on the fan but concerning the black and white wires, should i pair all three white wires to the white wire on the fan and all three black wires to the black wire on the fan? When i removed the old light, there was a black wire paired with one red wire which was then connected to the light fixture's black wire.The other red wire just had a cap on it but was not connected to anything

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    Are there independent switches on the wall for the fan and the light? Do either of these switches also control anything else? – Mazura Jul 15 '16 at 4:23
  • yes there are 2 switches on the wall. One switch controlled the light fixture that was previously hanging and the other switch controls an outlet which my lamp is connected to – John Cooperman Jul 15 '16 at 4:30
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    was the old light fixture controlled by two switches in separate locations in the room? – shirlock homes Jul 15 '16 at 11:25
  • does the new fan have a light kit or provisions for a light kit? White, black and blue wires? – shirlock homes Jul 15 '16 at 11:27
  • Can you post photos of the fan box and the attached switch box(es)? – ThreePhaseEel Jul 15 '16 at 11:41

Ok, the simple answer to your question is to wire the fan, both the black and blue wires together to the original hot lead which you said was red. Red is not normally the hot in a single switch circuit (SPST) unless it is run with a 14/3 wg, but if it worked with the old light, then the red is your switched source of power. The black wire from the fan/light is the power lead for the fan and the blue is the power to the light kit. Tie all the whites together and then tie grounds together. All the extra black wires and extra red wire in the ceiling box are somewhat of a mystery at this point since you have not tested or explained how they were connected or terminated when you removed the old light fixture, but they should remain unchanged.

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