I want to install a double gang box with one outlet switched and the other three always hot. The way I was thinking of doing it was like this.

-Both neutrals would be connected as normal -One of the receptacles hot side bridge would be clipped. -the hot feed connects to the bridged receptacle and one of the two on the "un-bridged" receptacle. -The feed is ran to a switch box and returned where it is wired to the final receptacle.

My experience with shard neutrals is less than good so I am wary about using them. This doesn't seem like it should cause a problem but I'm worried about getting feedback voltage from the neutral line.

Will this work?

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Sounds like you've got it.

  • Neutral feeder comes into the box, and pigtails out to each receptacle (silver colored screw) and a neutral to the switch (if required by 2014 code).
  • Hot feeder comes into the box, and pigtails to each receptacle (brass colored screw) and a hot to the switch.
  • Switched hot comes into the box, and connects to one of the receptacle terminals.
  • The bonding jumper on the receptacle with two hot feeds is broken.
  • All grounding conductors are properly connected.
  • A switch feeding a receptacle does not require a neutral as per 404.2(C)(7). Jul 10, 2016 at 0:06

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