I'm replacing an old light with an LED. Old light is pull string so I'm adding a switch. The light is connected directly to the power box/breaker. Wiring is in conduit.

So I take the old light out, and wire the new one in. Can I then run wiring to a wall and place a switch? Pretty sure I can do this.

How about my next step.....can I then Run some line and have a second light using the same switch? Or do I have to add a second switch? So basically what I have is power source, to light, to switch.....to possible 2nd light


Sure you can do that, as long as the total number of outlets on that circuit doesn't exceed the maximum allowed (In Canada we are allowed 12 on a 15A circuit) Since you're adding a light, you will be increasing the number of outlets on that circuit by 1, so you should count all the receptacles (each duplex receptacle counts as 1 outlet even if you're not presently using them) and lights on that circuit.

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  • Should work the ...only thing on the breaker is that one ligt – Scott Jun 30 '16 at 3:45

Sure. It's all pretty straight-forward. Here's your diagram. Notice how the white wire to the switch has been marked with black tape to indicate that it's a hot loop.

To add your second light, just connect by color in the original light box.

enter image description here
(source: buildmyowncabin.com)

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