I want to install a storm door. But my door looks a bit different: it doesn't have something called "brick module". I'm quite confused, since storm door's manual always suggests to install the storm door on the brick module.

So my question: can I install the storm door on the part that I'm pointing at in picture 2? Is that part strong enough to hold the storm door?

Thanks a lot!

enter image description here

enter image description here


A little more info is needed to give any good answer. I can see what would be considered "brick mold" looks like it is extruded aluminum. The frame that you point to looks like it could be painted wood, but the angle at the top tells me it may not be wood at all, or perhaps it is clad in aluminum ??

Typically the storm door jamb screws into the face of the brick mold, just as you may already know. If the surface you point to is painted wood, the storm door jamb can go there, provided there is enough room at the door handle to not interfere with the operation of the new storm door and likewise the original door.

The angle at the top I referred to earlier may complicate the storm door jamb install.

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