Device Connection diagram

I'm trying to connect Live Wires (L/N/G) to this electric blind receiver and can't figure out the way to do it. Motor Has 4 Wires

  1. Blue = Neutral
  2. Black = Direction 1 (I assume UP or Down)
  3. Brown = Direction 2 (I assume UP or Down)
  4. Green/Yellow = Earth

If someone can shine some light on how do I connect this would be much appreciated.

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Well it seems completely straightforward:

tien li kou huo xien <--> xien xiu qi "L" t'ou
tien li kou leng xien <--> xien xiu qi "N" t'ou

tien tung ma t'a lan xien <--> xien xiu qi "N" t'ou 
tien tung ma t'a huang xien <--> xien xiu qi "A" t'ou 
tien tung ma t'a hei xien <--> xien xiu qi "B" t'ou

and of course

tien tung ma t'a qing xien <--> tien li kou ku chiang (qing) xien

at least the diagram is in english

I can't imagine why anyone would be confused by this.

  • First of all thank you for the explanation. I just have a quick question what is A N B stands for?
    – Tim
    May 28, 2016 at 6:52
  • 1
    'A' winding (one-direction), 'B' winding (t'other-direction) and 'N', neutral (common) connection.
    – Transistor
    May 28, 2016 at 8:46

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