We are installing a new dishwasher and trying to figure out the air gap situation. I know we need one, but I'd love to find a more functional alternative to a basic air gap.

I don't think we would really use a soap dispenser air gap and I've seen mixed reviews on them. I came across air gap faucets yesterday and am wondering if that would be compatible with a dishwasher instead of a reverse osmosis water system.

something like:

I think this should work in theory, but my only concern is the diameter of the hoses. Apparently they are usually only 1/4" or 3/8" in diameter. Is that too narrow for dishwasher waste water?


The air gap in that faucet is specifically for a RO system and is not meant to replace an air gap for a dish washer. It does the same job, but it's for the drain on the RO system, and certainly would not be able to handle anything close to a dishwasher drain.

enter image description here


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