I am renting a very small townhouse that has termite issues. At certain times of the year (termite season) I get dropping coming into my bathroom, laundry room and now kitchen.

I have told the person I rent from and she has been fighting with the association to get the place tented...but in the mean time I would like to do something about this situation that I am living with and would like to know.......

Is there something I can painter like a sealer to close up the wholes??

ANY recommendations would be greatly appreiciated!


For small nail holes, use spackle. This is the simplest, cheapest way to fill small holes that aren't subject to significant movement.

For cracks/seams, such as at corners or around window trim, use caulk (probably a paintable latex or latex+silicone caulk, as they're easy to work with).

For deeper holes/cavities, such as around a pipe that is going through your floor, use expanding spray foam. This product will expand around whatever stuff is there, providing a good seal to block insects. But beware that the expansion can come with a lot of force, so don't overfill; if you're working in tight places, the expansion can cause damage. Around windows and doors especially use a minimum-expansion foam.

After patching the hole, make sure to seal the repair with primer before you paint it.

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