I currently came into possession of a desktop from Ikea that is sort of like the one in the link but it is 63 inches wide, roughly an inch thick. I am looking to put some legs on it that are about 27-30 inches long. I have came across something like this but I am not sure if the desk would be stable enough. Would those legs in the link be okay or would I be looking for something else?

Any help would be appreciated.

  • Looks fine to me... Commented Apr 25, 2016 at 23:18

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The legs you have may or may not provide the stability that you seek. Hard to say. The legs you link to probably would work fine for most purposes. However, a skirt between the legs would improve the stability a good deal. You can look at getting your own table skirt and legs using the calculator/chooser at Osborne Wood products here: https://www.osbornewood.com/Skirt.aspx

We created a large counter height combination table and island using two Ikea wood countertops (round edges ripped off lengthwise, and halves mated together with pocket screws), two Ikea base cabinets and the 2 legs and matching skirts from Osborne. It turned out really good and has ample stability.

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