I just wanted to get opinions on my plans to fix the somewhat sunken slab in our garage.

We bought the house two years and (it's about 50 years old) and I have been monitoring the slab since day 1. It has not sunk any further so it's likely that the settling happened a long time ago.

Anyway, the slab is about 2" to 1" lower than where it should be and I am considering the following two options:

  1. Add a thin layer on concrete and then install basic by 4/5 PEI rating porcelain tile.

  2. Add the concrete layer but top it with 1/2" interlocking vinyl or PVC tile.

The reason go with the porcelain or plastic tiles is basically to avoid the thin concrete layer from peeling or cracking. Btw, I do intend to drill holes every few feet and use some bonding additive to help the two layers of concrete bond.

The question is, will either of my options work?

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I would acid etch the old cement with a strong muriatic acid solution to clean and make the surface rough. Then add a adhesive promoter like Moos milk painted on the slab that will help the cement bond and reduce cracking. I have done this on floors as thin as 3/4" and as thick as 2" with good results. With a thin slab a fine aggregate like 1/4" will also help.

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