I am adding a bathroom in basement which will have a sewage pump. I am finalizing the bathroom layout and the ideal setup will have the toilet 8 ft away from the sewage pump. Is there any reason of concern like clogging issue or anything else? My layout is as belowenter image description here

My 2nd best best option is switch the layout (top/bottom) and the toilet will then be next to sewage pump but it is not ideal layout.

Is my original layout Ok or should I make sure the toilet is next to sewage pump?

  • What will the drain slope (or distance and drop) from the toilet to the sewage pump be? – wallyk Aug 8 '16 at 16:46

As long as you have proper drains and a good pump/pit for the water to drain into 8' is not a problem. Check local code as some require a larger pit when located a long distance from the toilet. I think the distance for the larger pit was based on number of levels + bathrooms.

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